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Texas Tough Perennials Class this Saturday - FREE

Hummingbird pollinatorsJoin us on Saturday, June 24th at 1pm to learn about gardening with Texas tough perennial and native plants, those that attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators, and those that are rabbit and deer resistant.

The class is in our air conditioned store and reservations are not required.

See Summer Classes and Events for information on all of our scheduled classes and workshops. Our hands-on workshops are filling up fast, so call (972) 475-5888 Ext. 2 to sign up today if you are interested.

This is National Pollinator Week so do your part
by planting pollinator attracting plants!

Check out our huge assortment of perennials and take advantage of our
Everyday Special on 1-gallon size perennials
Buy 10 for $80 (Reg. price $9.99 each so it's like getting 2 free)

Kids in the Garden Summer Workshops

Life Cycle of the Butterfly Looking for a fun and educational activity for your kids this summer? We have a series of gardening workshops for 5 to 10 year olds. The following Kids in the Garden Workshops are coming up in July:

See our Summer Classes and Events for all the details. Each workshop is only $5 and pre-payment is required. You can pay in person in our store or over the phone by calling (972) 475-5888 Ext. 2. Space is limited, so register today so your kids don't miss out on all the fun!

Plant of the Week - Zhuzhou Fringe Flower Loropetalum Tree

LoropetalumLoropetalum is an evergreen shrub, but it can also be pruned up to make a unique ornamental tree. The blackish-maroon foliage color will contrast beautifully with all the surrounding green plants and create an eye-catching focal point in your landscape. Deep pink fringe flowers add interest to an already pretty plant.

This variety grows to about 10 feet tall and can be used as a single specimen or planted in a row for an attractive natural screen. They are cold hardy in our area and prefer well drained soil in full to partially sunny locations. We've got them right now in 15 and 30 gal sizes.

Gorgeous Plants & Flowers are Here
Delta Blue Vitex Little Bunny Grass Lil Kim Violet Althea
Delta Blue Vitex Little Bunny Grass Lil Kim Violet Althea
Tutti Fruitti Butterfly Bush Hardy Hibiscus Ixora
Tutti Fruitti Butterfly Bush Hardy Hibiscus Ixora

Here are some of the beautiful plants that arrived or are expected in this week:

  • Delta Blues & Shoal Creek Vitex aka Chaste Tree
  • Dwarf Pomegranate
  • Desperado & Green Cloud Sage
  • Little Bunny & Little Kitten Maiden Grass
  • American Beautyberry
  • Gold Dust Aucuba
  • Altheas (Rose of Sharon) – 10 different types incl. Lil' Kim dwarf varieties
  • Tangerine Beauty Cross-vine
  • Foxtail & Southern Wood Ferns
  • Abelias - Twist of Orange, Kaleidoscope, Radiance & Rose Creek
  • Magnolias - Little Gem, Teddy Bear, Bracken Brown, DD Blanchard
  • Crape Myrtles – Natchez, Red Rocket, Rhapsody in Pink, Siren Red
  • Butterfly Bush - Tutti Fruitti, Flutterby Snow White, Black Knight & more
  • Bay Laurel
  • Orange Rocket Barberry
  • Green Sheen Pachysandra – Deer resistant shade loving groundcover
  • Golden Pacific Juniper
  • Single-Trunk Eagleston Holly Tree-form
  • Liberty & Nellie R. Stevens Hollies
  • Sedum & Succulents
  • Fresh Herbs & Geranium Citronella
  • TX Tough Perennials & Natives – We have the biggest selection you'll find & new this week are hardy hibiscus, cigar plants, hostas, coreopsis, oxalis, Turks cap, blackfoot daisy, santolina, rock rose, pincushion flower & so much more too numerous to list – Come to our free Perennial Class on Saturday to learn more!
  • A giant assortment of gorgeous annual flowers in all colors and sizes to brighten your flower beds and containers including Sunset Ixora, mandevilla, butterfly weed, bat-faced cuphea, African bulbine, cora vinca, angelonia, crossandra, celosia, Dahlberg daisy, dianthus, portulaca, trailing pentas, blue daze, zinnias and lots more.

Go to our Available Stock List for all of the trees, shrubs, vines, and ornamental grasses we have in stock. List includes sizes, prices and new arrivals for your convenience. See our Planting Advice and Articles section for helpful planting tips and check us out on Facebook to see lots of pictures of what's in stock.

Beautiful Plants & Trees on Sale

Here's a small sampling, but check out our Available Stock List for all of the great deals!

  • SpireaCarolina Jessamine Vines – 50% Off
  • Spirea (several varieties) – 50% Off
  • 15 gallon Live Oaks – 35% Off
  • Select Crape Myrtles – 35-50% Off
  • Pampas Grass (3 & 7 gal) – 50% Off
  • Caladiums (1 gal/reg. $9.99) –Now only $4.88
  • Select Fruit Trees - 20-50% Off  (See Edibles Section of our Available Stock List for varieties on sale)
  • Blueberries – 35% Off
  • Grapes – 50% Off
  • Pecan Trees – 20% Off
  • Huge selection of trees, shrubs & groundcovers – 50% off in the Half Price House  
Ask Burton

Burton MjolhusBurton specializes in diagnosing and solving plant problems. You may be experiencing these same issues, so we want to share Burton’s advice.

Please bring actual bugs or plants or photos showing the problem when you come to get your gardening problems identified.

This week, we're talking about crape myrtles. There's a crape myrtle for almost any size, color, or shape necessary for the sunny landscape - use the right type in the right space for years of beautiful summer color.

Q: I have a 'Dynamite' crape myrtle in my back yard and I love the bright red blooms on it.  I'd like to have one near my front door too. How easy would it be to keep 'Dynamite' trimmed down to four feet tall?

Crape MyrtleA: It's not a good idea to do this. This variety of crape myrtle will grow to about 15-20 feet tall. If you prune or "top" it, or any other taller variety of crape myrtle, so severely to keep it under four feet, the plant will show great masses of scar tissue where the repeated cuts would have to be made. The plant would be disfigured and very prone to insect and disease infestation for being pruned back so much. We all know someone who prunes crape myrtles viciously back each winter, but it's not a good example to emulate… in fact the folks at the renowned Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney call this "Crape Murder!"

A better solution would be to choose a crape myrtle variety that has the flower and foliage color you like and grows to the mature size you want. Crape myrtles bloom in a wide selection of colors, have leaf colors ranging from green, to bronze to black, and there are selections in almost any height range you could ask for. 'Cherry Dazzle' will hit right around your 4 foot preferred height, as would 'Princess Holly Ann', two newer varieties with beautiful red blooms. When you select a plant whose mature height is around your desired maximum plant height, you'll have a healthier and better looking plant and a lot less work to maintain it. See our Crape Myrtle Guide for an overview of the crape myrtles we generally have, then come and pick yours now while selection is best.

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As you, our regular readers, know, the Webletter we send out weekly is filled with helpful information about planting in North Texas, as well as our latest specials. But if you have a friend who's enthusiastic about having a beautiful yard and seeing the best of the new material as soon as it arrives, recommend our Webletter to them!

They'll see that it's also filled with pictures taken here at the nursery, usually in the same week the article is published, of the newest trees, shrubs, and flowers as they come in. Why settle for generalized pictures of a common shrub when you can see the very plants we have available, right now?

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Summer will be here soon so it's time to prepare for the heat by top dressing your landscape and flower beds with a 2-3 inch layer of mulch to help retain moisture and maintain lower soil temperature. Mulched beds also give your landscape a pretty, finished look and, as an added bonus, the mulch will inhibit weed growth. Find more helpful advice in our June Gardening Tips.

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