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Be Kind to Mother Earth & Go Green with Beautiful Plants!
New Arrivals
Crimson Queen Japanese Maple Rising Sun Redbud Purple Magic Crape Myrtle
Crimson Queen
Japanese Maple
Rising Sun Redbud Purple Magic Crape Myrtle
Lady Banks Rose Serpentine Blue Atlas Cedar Mandevilla
Lady Banks Rose Serpentine Blue Atlas Cedar Mandevilla

Truckloads of new plants are coming in every week so you have a fresh selection to choose from… here's just a sampling of what's new or expected this week:

  • Japanese Maples from Oregon – Several awesome varieties
  • Green Mountain Boxwood Spirals & Cones – Add sculptural interest
  • Limelight Tree-form Hydrangeas – Showy lime green flowers
  • Ruby Falls (weeper) & The Rising Sun Redbuds – Beautiful ornamental trees
  • Orange Rocket Barberry – Contrasts beautifully with green plants
  • Brakelights, Yellow & Soft Leaf Pendula Yucca – Great for xeriscaping
  • Bells of Fire, Gold Star & Solar Flare Esperanza – Love the heat
  • Endless Summer & Pistachio Hydrangeas – In bud & bloom
  • Magic Crape Myrtles (coral, plum & purple) Shrub-form growing 6-10'
  • Empire Live Oaks & Shumard Red Oaks – Top trees for N. Texas
  • Summer Sunset Asiatic Jasmine – Colorful variegated vining ground cover
  • Delta Blues Chaste Tree (Vitex) – Plant now for summer blooms
  • Desperado Texas Sage – Lavender bloom on gray green foliage
  • Lady Banks, Julia Child, Livin' Easy, Drift & Knockout Roses
  • Santa Rita Opuntia (Prickly Pear) – Pretty & drought tolerant
  • Bloom-a-Thon & Encore Azaleas – Repeat bloomers
  • Mediterranean Fan Palms – Instant paradise
  • Serpentine Weeping Blue Atlas – Unique showpiece for your landscape
  • Blue Point Juniper Spirals – Elegant at front entry
  • A large assortment of Succulents & Sedum – Naturally beautiful & interesting
  • Tropical hibiscus & mandevilla – Many luscious colors
  • Edibles – Eggplant, cucumbers, okra, peppers, squash, melons, strawberries & herbs
  • Perennials – Spotted Leopard Plant, Coneflowers, Monarda, Penstemon, Veronica, Zexmenia, May Night Salvia, Blackfoot Daisy, Oxalis, Pincushion Flower, Coreopsis, Hosta, Iris, Yarrow, Day Lily and much more.
  • A great selection of gorgeous annual flowers in all colors and sizes….more than you'll find anywhere else, plus gorgeous flowering container gardens and hanging baskets for instant pops of color.

Go to our Available Stock List for all of the trees, shrubs, vines, ornamental grasses, berries and fruit trees we have in stock. List includes sizes, prices and new arrivals for your convenience. See our Planting Advice and Articles for helpful planting tips, and check us out on Facebook to see lots of pictures of what's in stock.

Annuals or Perennials or Both?

Annuals or Perennials or Both?Most gardeners plant annuals and perennial in their gardens so they can enjoy the best of both worlds. Annuals are easy to grow, generally cost less than perennials, and are available in a rainbow of vibrant colors and varieties. They must be planted seasonally, but they're worth it because they give your home the wow factor! 

Gardening with perennials is rewarding because they are planted once and then they normally return each year bigger and better. It's exciting to see fresh new growth pop up on your perennials in the spring, with no effort on your part. Perennials come in huge array of sizes, as well as flower and foliage shapes and colors.

Get your flower garden growing today and enjoy our everyday special on a beautiful assortment of 1-gallon size annuals and perennials -- Buy 10 for $80 (Reg. price $9.99 each so it's like getting 2 free)

We Deliver Bulk Soils, Rock and Mulch

We Deliver Bulk Soils, Rock and MulchDuring this time of year, people are so enthusiastic about getting outside and making everything beautiful around their yards. We talk to lots of folks who want to buy soil, rock or mulch in bulk, but they don't have access to a truck or trailer.

If this sounds like you, we can help. We can deliver the following bulk materials to your home so you can mulch all of your plantings and create new DIY landscape beds, garden paths, dry creek beds, or any other landscape project you've been dreaming of:

  • River Rock - Great for dry creek beds, borders, drainage and more
  • Decomposed Granite – Great material for garden paths & patios and in place of wood mulch
  • Washed Gravel – Use for paths, patios, drainage areas, in place of wood mulch
  • Washed Brick Sand – Good for kids sandboxes or leveling patios
  • TX Black Select – Screened black dirt.  Great for laying sod or filling in holes or ruts in lawn
  • Premium Bedding Mix – Consists of aged pine bark mulch, composted poultry manure, expanded shale, ammonium sulfate fertilizer. Plant straight in to this mix or till in to existing soil.
  • Professional Compost Blend – Consists of aged pine bark mulch & composted poultry manure.  It's best when tilled in to existing soil, but can be planted straight in to.
  • Fine Shredded Hardwood Mulch – Dark brown mulch that has been shredded twice for finer consistency.  Spread 2" layer on your beds to help reduce weeds, retain moisture and give everything a nice finished look.

We can deliver and drop curb side or in a driveway that has 20 feet of level space. Location must be easily accessible for a large dump truck. There is a 2 yard minimum (2 bobcat scoops) for us to deliver these bulk materials. Call (972) 475-5888 Ext. 2 or come by our store to arrange bulk delivery on any of these products. See Mulch, Soil & Stone to see pictures of these bulk materials, as well as other bagged materials we have available.

Plant of the Week – Endless Summer Hydrangeas

Endless Summer HydrangeasHydrangea are gorgeous flowering perennial shrubs that do best in North Texas when planted in well composted soil in locations with a little morning sun or filtered light, and afternoon shade. They are available in many lovely varieties and several, such as the Endless Summer hydrangeas, are repeat bloomers. 

Endless Summer® is a collection of Hydrangea macrophylla shrubs that re-bloom throughout the spring and summer months, giving more color and visual appeal to your garden for a longer period of time. They are known to bloom 10 to 12 weeks longer than average Hydrangea macrophylla, so you really get your money's worth from these beauties!

The collection is made up of four lovely varieties (The Original, TwistnShout, Bloomstruck, and Blushing Bride) that range in colors from blue, to pink and purplish shades, to pure white. Their color will vary based on the soil they are planted in, and since our soils are generally more alkaline, the flowers tend to be pink. To encourage blue blooms, you can add aluminum sulfate to the soil.

We have a great selection of hydrangeas right now and they are full of spring buds and blooms!

Current Specials
  • Oleanders!Pink & Red Oleanders – 35% Off
  • August Beauty Gardenia – 35-50% Off
  • American Beautyberry – 50% Off
  • Majestic Beauty Indian Hawthorn Patio Trees – 35% Off
  • Select 30 gal Texas Mountain Laurels – 20% Off  Quantities limited!
  • Thousands of bargains in our freshly stocked Half Price House  Just look for the yellow tags for ½ price plants!

Look at our Available Stock List often for all of our sale plants. Whether you are creating new landscape beds, updating existing landscape, or simply adding trees for future shade, you will find a huge variety of plants at great prices at Covington's!

Ask Burton

Burton MjolhusBurton specializes in diagnosing and solving plant problems. You may be experiencing these same issues, so we want to share Burton’s advice.

Please bring actual bugs or plants or photos showing the problem when you come to get your gardening problems identified.

This week, a short example of why knowledge of local gardening conditions is critically important. Plant information which is accurate in other states often falls short of the mark in our climate and soil conditions. There is no substitute for local experience.

Q: I have a Japanese maple that we planted two months ago, and the tips of my leaves are beginning to turn pale white/tan at the points and occasionally along the edges. It's not all that bad yet but we tried a Japanese maple in the same spot last year and it died the same way last July. I planted it where the tag said - partial to full sun, so it's on the west side of my home. Any idea what the issue is? 

Sun to Partial ShadeA:  It turns out that this customer just wasn't watering quite enough right now, but that's actually good because it brought this question to us in time to stop the plant from being burned to a crisp by our summer's heat regardless of how much water was applied. They're moving the tree to a better location.

The tag isn't wrong where the tag was printed, but it isn't right here. The best areas for growing Japanese maples for sale are in cooler climates than ours, such as Oregon, Washington state, Tennessee, or even Oklahoma. Most of the Japanese maples sold in Texas are grown in these states, so their grower tags reflect their local growing conditions. 

The tag isn't wrong where the tag was printed, but it isn't right here. Most of the Japanese maples sold in Texas are grown in cooler climates than ours, such as Oregon, Washington State, Tennessee, or even Oklahoma, so their grower tags reflect their local growing conditions. 

Japanese maples don't mind the sun in milder temperatures. A Japanese maple placed in some sunshine will color up better than one planted in full shade! However, this plant can't pull water up fast enough to keep the leaves hydrated in the hot afternoon sun during our Texas summers, so we plant them in filtered sun to morning sun areas.

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They'll see that it's also filled with pictures taken here at the nursery, usually in the same week the article is published, of the newest trees, shrubs, and flowers as they come in. Why settle for generalized pictures of a common shrub when you can see the very plants we have available, right now?

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